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Music and Lyrics by The Plumbline Collective & iSix:5

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About Six:5 iSix:5 is a collective of young urban men who share a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their love for the Gospel message, and their desire to see it advanced, has united them in a unique way. Seeking to convey the truths of Scripture thru hip hop, iSix:5 was formed. With that being said, Hip Hop is used as a tool in that effort. Their desire is to proclaim the Gospel in a culturally relevent form, & to contextualize the truths of the Bible to the urban culture without compromising Scripture. They are Christ-centered & Cross-centered, & organically connected to, & serving in, their local Bodies, & their prayer is that their music is just a reflection of these things, that would ultimately point to the Glory of our Savior. The name iSix:5 stems from Isaiah 6:5. See the iSix:5 website.
The Plumb Line Collective: The Plumbline Collective consists of individuals whose lives and talents exist solely for the glory of God (I Cor. 10:31; Col. 1:16). Christ-centered and gospel driven, we seek to carry out the great commission of Jesus Christ (Mat. 28:18) through several venues including, but not limited to, street evangelism, ministry resources, and music. By esteeming Christ as King, and His teachings as revealed in Scripture alone as God's plumb line for righteous judgment, our goal is to see all men come to repentance and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and worship the Creator (Rev. 4:11).